DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY is the latest album from American recording artist JIMMY.
You've been invited to join the journey on his mission to encourage the world to focus on what makes them truly happy.Let's catch you up to speed.






Based in Los Angeles, American recording-artist & producer JIMMY is a jack-of-all-trades visionary. After releasing several projects of his own in high school from his bedroom, in 2018 he led PRISM TRIBE (an alternative hip hop art collective he founded) through their first collective release PTWW$$EW Vol. I and went on to release the WELCOME TO DARKNESS trilogy— three EPs released in the span of four months in 2019. Since then, he has worked diligently with PRISM TRIBE, leading to their latest offerings DOG DAYS (2020) & THE FOUR HORSEMEN EP (2021). JIMMY then ushered in the next chapter of his evolution in 2021 with the release of his full-length album, GNARLY. Following that release, he shared a string of promotional singles & mixtapes leading up to his previous offering *GHETTOLAND, his most successful project to date. Now JIMMY is preparing to unleash his ambitious follow-up project DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY. Learn More.

The Story of JIMMY

A series of videos explaining some of the most important narratives surrounding JIMMY. To stream his music & watch more videos, links can be found above.

The Mission

"To encourage the youth (and the boomers) worldwide to do what makes them happy, unapologetically. The more people we have focused on attracting their own happiness, the less assholes with nothing else better do to but talk shit and spread hate we'll have. 

I'm gonna risk assuming that at the end of the day, most of us here just want to be happy. No matter what race, what religion, what profession, what political views, what part of the world we're from, we want our experience on this earth to be one we mostly enjoy. With this album I wanted to capture that and open up the narrative to be larger than the perspective I contributed to on *GHETTOLAND. I want this one to bridge gaps between people from the ghetto and people from the suburbs. the underground and the mainstream. the old school and the new shit. 

Ultimately, I want to reintroduce Walt Disney level wonder & imagination back into the culture on a mainstream level. I also want to continue to push the messages from my last project *GHETTOLAND further in regards to disadvantaged people who look like me. This project will put a portion of the world one step closer to gaining true freedom, which is one of my bigger goals for the time I have left on this planet. A thankless and genuinely civil service that chose me. I acknowledge that fame and money are a byproduct of this level of execution and there will be plenty of it to go around once it is present, however the most important part of this journey is that anyone who helps me pursue this vision will be helping me help the world heal just a little bit more.

Unfortunately, we live in a materialistic and capitalistic society. Therefore, in order for anyone with some common sense to help guide the people away from the self-destuctive cycles we can't seem to break, one must participate in the commercialism that is America to gain influence. So if I have to do stupid interviews and dance around in my living room like an idiot for YouTube views to get society just a little bit closer to changing it's ways to a healthier pattern that way my kids and their kids could live in a slightly less shitty world I'll make it happen. With that being said, if you'd like to be a part of a solution and have a little fun while you do it, you're in the right place."